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NEED OF PROJECT Shiels et al (2013) Rattus rattus is among the most prevalent intrusive vertebrates on different continents. It thrives in different environments where humans are not present. R rattus is more common in limited forest ranges. It is more dangerous in case of destruction of crops and stored foods than any other pests and vector of different diseases. It has aboreal living style and omnivore and eat every type of food as grain, fruit etc.Rattus rattus (black rat) is omnivores. They are infectious pests and eat bird and some arthropods they destroy many agricultural crops. They can cause Yersinia pestis that result in bubonic plague (Amori et al).it caused serious plague in Europe in medieval era and its movements produced serious…show more content…
The mean home range of three female and three male was 0.024 ha (0.0024 to 0.0525 ha) and the mean distance between roosts points was 33.70 m (10 m to 66 m).The day-to-day movements that was recorded as 65 m. rats caught adjacent to shacks or pits have little shifts in contrast to those taken from periphery of farm. Alexander Ken, 2012 demonstrated that genus Rattus is a serious damage causing pest in Philippines. Loss to rice, corn, coconuts, sweet potatoes, bananas, sugar cane, peanuts, and watermelons is widespread. The damage by rats cannot easily estimate so to assess the loss ,crops yield with and without rats has been studied for better consequences .Biologists has assessed the pre-reap cost of rice was $8,000,000 Different control methods has been used as crop rotation and crop scheduling and chemical control as rodenticide and fumigants were…show more content…
The elimination of rodents have been of rodents (>350) and bovid ungulates (>160).The exclusion of cats (>90), suid ungulates (>55), and rabbits (>45) is less as compare to rodent pests. The islands less than 500 ha (68%) and in temperate climates (72%) has been projected for eradication of pests. The pest control in tropical islands may protect biodiversity. The studies showed that regulate advanced data for elimination and controlling of pests for maintain the biodiversity of ecosystem of

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