Raul Castro Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Raul Castro, an 83 year old who took the leadership of Cuba forcefully by the side of his brother in 1959, has taken the privilege of freedom of speech from the Cuban civilians. He has attempted to take care of his people but this attempt has been just an attempt. He has been too busy in the countries trading and allies but he is not aware that his country is dying. The Castro brothers established the Cuban communist party, this party became the only rightful enabled party. This is taking the human rights of the Cuban people because they can’t decide for themselves. Raul came to power on 2006 after his brother stepped down. President Castro has been a strong leader but his absence on the main problems in Cuba has been dreadful for his reputation. The freedom of speech need to be part of Cuba but Raul is not letting this happen.
One of the main problems in our country has been the political harassment. If politicians do not agree with Raul Castro then they are practically doomed. 400 politicians have
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The problem is that he is so busy on this trading problems, opening and enabling new ties with other countries that he does not see our problems. If he is so into the opening marketing he should also worry how the people will spend on this new trading possibilities. More than half of the population of Cuba survive and lives on less that one dollar a day. How is he going to support if he re-opens this ports and enables us to share with foreign countries if we do not have the money for this? The Communist party rules Cuba and this is also one of the problems Cuba has. For three decades Cuba had many of the same Stalin policies. The Castro brothers attempted to create a better Cuba, away from the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. The problem is that they created the same dictatorship not letting us people do what we really want, and what we want is
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