Fruits And Vegetables Essay

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Raw fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are called protective foods as they prevent the body from several diseases. While cooked foods contain excess oil and calories, in the raw form, they are completely free from these. What they do contain are lots of vitamins and minerals which keep the body active and increase the metabolism. Faster metabolism means faster digestion, and hence lesser fat storage. Though all raw fruits and vegetables are good, we couldn't help but mention...

Apples are definitely a potent addition to the daily diet, especially when it comes to weight loss. Due to the high fiber content, they tend to be highly satiating and help curbing hunger. The large number of vitamins and minerals present in apples
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It is hence advisable to have it in combination with dried fruits, berries or nuts.


Berries have been known to have blood sugar regulating properties. How does that contribute to weight loss? Insulin levels in the blood would rise if blood sugar is not stable. This very insulin will cause excess sugars to be directed towards, and stored in, fat cells. The high fiber content also helps in faster digestion and lower absorption of fat.

Dairy products

Dairy products are great sources of calcium. Calcium itself is considered good for weight loss as it helps in breakdown of fat cells. But recently, researchers observed that dairy products, apart from providing the calcium for fat breakdown, also speed up the rate of breakdown and hence increase the overall rate of weight loss itself(though they haven't been able to provide a valid reason for it). Milk, hard cheese and yogurt have all known to have these properties.


Fish are generally high in protein and omega 3 fats which are called essential fats as they are not produced by the body and hence need to be obtained from food. At the same time, they are low in fat and calories.


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