Rawl's Veil Of Ignorance Case Study

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Although Canada is universally known as safe haven for refugees, hundreds of unwanted immigrants across the country are held captive under maximum security. Despite the circumstances of these immigrants and refugees, I believe that keeping an innocent individuals locked behind bars in maximum security is both unfair and hostile. It is also an unethical issue that many are not aware of due to the lack of discussion surrounding this topic of unwanted immigrants. Using Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance, I will be analyzing Ebrahim Toure’s conviction. I will also be applying the Potter Box Model of Reasoning by explaining every detail of his case and exploring the values, the principles and the loyalties that lie within this wrongful conviction
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Toure claimed that he had to do what he had to because he had rent to pay. After his third incident with the police, he returned to Guinea for a fresh start with his uncle. Unfortunately his uncle was murdered by gang members in 2011 and Toure feared for his life. Toure created a plan to apply for a refugee status in Canada. He flew to Montreal as a visitor with his cousins’s passport under the name of Omar Toure. Toure immediately moved to Toronto and applied for a refugee status with his real name. As his refugee papers were underway, he had a legitimate work visa and he admitted to immigration that he had used his cousin’s passport to enter Canada. Sadly, Toure’s papers were denied even after he exhausted all of his appeals, the government still wanted Toure deported. Unluckily, Toure could not be deported due to the lack of proof of his citizenship in Guinea and they would not take him back. On top of his complicated situation, Toure still has to deal with Canada’s border police insisting that he is a high risk detainee because of his criminality in the United States regarding his non-violent issues 12 years ago.
Four years later, Toure is still stuck in jail with no way of knowing when he will gain his freedom back. Toure thought that Canada was the best place in the world which is why he chose to come here. I believe that locking
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Despite the fact that there should be a reasonable time limit on immigration detention as other countries have, Canada does not. The European Union has a limit of 18 months before they can set unwanted immigrants free. While Canada does not have a limit, The United Nations has has called onto Canada to set one in order to prevent cases like Toure’s. However, to change the rules it is a time consuming process that would not benefit Toure at this point.
The article also claims that there will be a $138 million expansion of detention centres in Vancouver and Montreal. This way it would reduce the the use of provincial jails as detention centres for immigrants. I believe that this is idea of a new expansion for dentition centres is a waste of resources and is implying that Canada will attain more unwanted immigrants in the future— which is ironic since Canada is trying to limit the amount of unwanted immigrants entering the country. Therefore they should be enforcing their laws and providing a strict grounds before anyone has the chance to seek refuge in
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