Rawn James 'The Double V': Source Analysis

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This investigation will explore the question “In what way did the Second World War bring about meaningful change in African American employment that extends to the immediate postwar period?” The first source utilized is Rawn James’s book “The Double V” , published in 2013. The content of the source is valuable, especially regarding its extensive analysis of the abolishment of racial segregation in the military. Therefore, the source would provide a perceptive and unique perspective of how African-Americans have increased employability in the armed forces. The 300-paged book exclusively on African-Americans in the military during the immediate postwar period, defined as 1945-1950, enables great depth in exploring the investigation. Additionally, the origin of the source is valuable, regarding how it was published decades after the War. This signifies that the book benefits from hindsight, having extensive access to documentations during the relevant time period and also those that were reveal or declassified later. However, despite being an insightful book for investigating African American employment in the military, the content…show more content…
The content enhances the value of this primary source, as it is predominately about changes in African-American employment from the Second World War to 1947, and policies to be implemented in the immediate future. This makes the source extremely relevant to my investigation, being valuable for identifying how Second World War affected governmental policies towards African-Americans. The value of the source is further magnified through its origin. As a document released to the public by the authoritative United States president, the source is likely to be genuine and credible. Truman’s office also enables him to have a direct influence on United States affairs such as African-American employment, making this report that he supervised

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