Ray Allen: Adequate 3-Point Player In The NBA

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Ray Allen

Ray Allen (Walter Ray Allen jr) was one of the most accurate 3-point shooter in the entire NBA (National Basketball Association).Ray Allen burned up more nets than any other player in the NBA.His fantastic career lead to one of the most fascinating years of the NBA. Does this bucket splasher ever stop splashing? played for/retired
Ray allen went to college (yes he had hair) with the Connecticut Huskies,then got drafted to the Milwaukee Bucks. Then, 7 years later he went to the Seattle Supersonics. Next in 4 years he went to the Boston Celtics and became the best 3-point shooter in the NBA. Then, in 5 years he went to the Miami Heat and became a 2 time champion so he played for them for 2 years and then he was 40 years old and retired.
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