Ray Bradbury The Pedestrian Theme

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in the year 2053? In the story “The pedestrian,” by Ray Bradbury, there were many things that you could learn. The man Mr. Leonard mead was having a walk, like he always does, but suddenly a car pulls up and it was a police officer and comes and arrests him, but this was no ordinary police officer.

When Ray Bradbury put together this story, he conveyed a theme which is science and technology can be a danger to society. I believe this because many children are allowed to have devices causing them to be attached to the electronic device, in doing so the children want to stay on their devices and do nothing. So in the story the officer refers to the television as a viewing screen, causing me to become aware that this is not an ordinary television. Soon after I realize that nobody is outside and only one police officer
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Leonard is no ordinary man, in fact he is one of the few people in this society that could actually think and write. Which also leads me to another point, that the police officer was not really human, he was a machine due to the fact that when Mr.leonard enters the police car, there was no one in the front seat. Also in the story, the author describes the police mans voice as metallic. What I find really interesting was that when the police car went by Mr. Leonards house the lights were all on, that concludes my hypothesis that Mr. Leonard was no ordinary man. In the end Mr. Leonard asks the police officer “where are you taking me,” the officer responds with “to the Psychiatric Centre.”

In all, this is what leads me to believe that the theme of the story is that science and technology can be a danger to society. With Mr.Leonard Mead walking and the police showing up, it tells me that technology has taken over society as we know it. That is why humans should not venture off too far into science and technology, which may lead to a future like the one we see
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