Ray Bradbury Uses A Key Idea Of 'The House Tried To Save Itself'

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In the scene where the house is hit and burning down due to a house fire Ray Bradbury uses personification and symbolism to show how the house is like a human being burnt alive and being ripped down to shreds. The tree that causes the fire is mother nature taking over the house which is personified to act as a human being killed.

Bradbury uses symbolism to show another key idea of the story. The fully technology house represents on relying on technology like how the house does the cooking, cleaning, and washing. The house is acted as if it is a human with a robotic voice

The house during the fire is described to be trying to save itself with quotes such as "The house tried to save itself" to show us that the house is struggling to overcome the fire even though it is technology driven and has safety mechanisms built into …show more content…

He uses quotes like this to illustrate one of his key ideas that technology will prevail under the hands of mother nature.

Ray Bradbury effectively uses personification and symbolism together in there will come soft rains to illustrate his idea that technology will never replace mother nature. His personification showing us that technology may be strong but not as strong as the natural world and his symbolism showing the power of war and nature.

During the story there is a scene where a dog which once was owned by the owners of the old house. Ray Bradbury uses imagery and onomatopoeia to show the differences between the dog and the robotic mice and other animals that clean the house. The dog represents the last living thing that survived and the robotic animals represent technology that has evolved.

Quotes such as "The dog frothed at the mouth" and words like "hysterically" uses onomatopoeia which gives us an image of a scared and dying dog which is slowly dying. This is also effective because it be emotional for the reader to

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