Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: An Outsider

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How can Being an Outsider Challenge the Establishment
Have you ever been an outsider? It can be lonely at times but there are different ways to challenge the establishment as Ray Bradbury shows us in his book fahrenheit 451. The two biggest outsiders in the book were Guy Montag and Clarisse McClellan. They showed us how to challenge the establishment in different ways. In Fahrenheit 451 Montag becomes an outsider when he starts to collect and read books. This is considered being an outsider in this society because they believe reading books should be frowned upon. “Montag had done nothing. His hand had done it all, his hand, with a brain of its own…” (Bradbury 37). This quote is showing how he didn’t think about grabbing one of the books he just did it. This is showing that he is an outsider challenging the establishment because he is not supposed to read books he is …show more content…

She challenges the establishment because she takes walks and is more interested in nature and being outside than she is in technology. This isn 't frowned upon in their society but, the government does not like it because she is being different than the rest and the society is a utopia. “I sometime think drivers don 't know what grass is, or flowers because they never see them slowly…” (Bradbury 9). This is showing us that clarisse is challenging the establishment because she likes to drive slowly on the highway and see the flowers and grass while other people speed by her. This is challenging the establishment because everyone else is interested in technology while she is being different and is going for walks and looking at flowers. Being an outsider can be lonely, but as ray bradbury shows us in Fahrenheit 451 there are ways to challenge the establishment. The two biggest outsiders in Fahrenheit 451 are guy montag and clarisse McClellan. They show us ways to challenge the establishment and make becoming an outsider less

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