Summary Of Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down” (Ray Bradbury). As a kid, Ray Bradbury was raised during the Great Depression with hardly any money. He was writing during World War 2 and was almost drafted into the military after Pearl Harbor. Everyone was scared about the war and Bradbury decided to write about the events that were occurring at the time. One of his most famous books “Fahrenheit 451” was published during the “Red Scare,” which was the thought that communists were spying on Americans on their own land during the Cold War. He experienced the Cold War also, in which a lot of people were terrified that the communists could strike America at any time. Bradbury wrote about McCarthyism and censorship because those were trendy topics throughout America at the time. He gave scared people an outlet through his writings to comfort themselves during what was going on at the time. During the time Bradbury started writing, time was vigorous with people not having much money and the amount of wars, and NPR (2017) said “He said it was a time when people couldn 't imagine the future, and…show more content…
The short story is about a family who owned a house that was completely controlled by robots, but the family had died in a nuclear explosion. It was later included in Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles.” This story came to be because of the Cold War scare and McCarthyism in the mid-1900s, “McCarthy 's investigations, accompanied by ill-conceived attempts to flush out "traitors" and eradicate them, became known as "McCarthyism" (Galegroup 2003). The tone and mood are pretty sad and lonely because the family that lived in the house had died and the town was destroyed, also because the robot in the house had no idea the family was dead and burned down. Throughout Bradbury’s career and his writings, he has impacted the American culture a

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