Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Report

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Ray Bradbury was a great author of his time, he still is today. One if his books, Fahrenheit 451, he made predictions about the future and he did not realize what he was doing. The book is based off the future and what he thought it would become. What he didn’t know at the time is that they would actually come true. Bradbury is a great writer and had an amazing mind to understand what would happen to the world. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury made predictions about the future, including technological advancements and societal issues. One of the predictions Bradbury made was of a mobile device that is stuck in the ear and people from long distances can be heard. In the book it is referred to as a Seashell because it is small and shaped like…show more content…
One of them, Mrs. Bowles, said, “Silly Words, silly words, silly awful hurting words… Why do people want to hurt People? Not enough hurt in the world, you got to tease people with stuff like that!” (Bradbury 97). Mildred’s friends did not like what was in the books. They comprehended the poem exactly how it should’ve been. It was just too powerful for them to handle. That is one of the many reasons why the society does not like to read books. Bradbury predicted this over fifty years ago and it is true today. In our society today, people are not seen with books in their hands, they have phones, tablets, and electric devices. Our society does not ban books like the society in Fahrenheit 451. Our society today just does not read the books. They do not see the meaning behind them. Everyone wants the bigger and the better, they don’t have time to comprehend a 400-page novel. They want to read what other people have to gossip about on social media. They want to read about people’s lives on their smartphone, not on a piece of paper from some book. Magazines are even read less. Why read a magazine when they can get all the news from a smartphone? Faber, one of Guy’s friends, says books give readers three things: quality of information, leisure time to digest the information, and rights to carry out the actions based on the first two. Today’s society does not have the time to read and digest what the words in the book actually mean.
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