Ray Bradbury's Short Story 'A Sound Of Thunder'

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Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” shows us that a small mistake in the past could cause huge uncontrollable change in the future. Eckels traveled back to the area when dinosaurs were living. He did not listen to his guide’s warning and stepped on the ground of the past. He brought a dead butterfly back to the real world without noticing. Because of this, they found the current world was different. Even the grammar had changed. After Eckels went back to the current world, he found a sign was different from the one they had seen before they left. He realized he brought a dead butterfly back. He was shocked, “Embedded in the mud, glistening green and gold and black, was a butterfly, very beautiful and very dead. ‘Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly!’ cried Eckels” (Bradbury 10). He found the reason why the world had changed. It was because of a small, beautiful, dead butterfly that was under his boots. He did not want to accept this fact. He kept denying what happened with…show more content…
This indicates the serious result of mistakes in professional practice. In the real world, the result of making mistake is shocking, “In 2000 the Institute of Medicine published a shocking report that mistakes by health care providers are common and often life threatening” (Crigger 568). The Institute of Medicine was published on 2000 showed that the mistakes in health care system are common and harmful to the lives of patients. Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” shows that the reason why the whole world changed is because they brought one butterfly back to the real world. Actually the mistakes they made are common and multiple because mistakes always interact with each other. Eckels faces the result that he may lose his life. Mistakes made by my neighbor Yong were small. All of them were pretty normal and common in the life. But the result was really
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