Ray Bradbury's The Four Negative Sides Of Technology

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Modern society continues shifting in ways no one wants to imagine “the future” as. According to “The Four Negative Sides of Technology” by Alice Martin, technology can shift the way a human's mind works. Over using these devices can cause numerous amounts of damage to society in the future if it continues at the same pace. In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury conveys our society will result in ignorant people and a censored society if technology continues to control us. Disastrously, due to technology, these acts have already begun taking place in modern society. Throughout the novel it becomes noticeable that Bradbury moreover, stresses the importance of comprehending literature. However, it becomes difficult to do accomplish with books censored because the whole story cannot be viewed as a result of its unavailability. Therefore, only providing us with one side; the more pleasurable, idealistic one. Bradbury's predictions that our society will become censored, ignorant and filled with laziness continue to come true one prediction after another. Will our society be the next Fahrenheit 451? It occurs as no surprise that Bradbury's imagination runs wild in this novel. While writing Fahrenheit 451, in 1953, The Cold War took place. This novel depicts a…show more content…
However, the citizens of our society, similar to Fahrenheits, fails to recognize this issue because ideally people should not know of these occurring changes. In this novel, Bradbury portrays the powerful negative effects of technology that can lie upon society. Reading this novel set the tone of what our future can result in and provided a new insight on the events happening around us. For a successful future we must fight against the act of censorship and individualize ourselves from those that surround us. Once fulfilled, our society will stand as informed, and
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