Ray Bradbury's Use Of Craft Techniques In The Veldt

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Ray Bradbury focused on multiple craft moves throughout the dystopian story The Veldt. The Veldt is about a super rich family named the Hadley's that has machines that do absolutely everything for them. One of their rooms in their house is what they call a nursery. This nursery comes to life basically it is some sort of time machine where it can show you anywhere you want. The Hadley’s favorite place to visit or look at is the African savannah. Ray Bradbury uses craft moves to describe the Hadley’s life. Some craft moves Bradbury uses are imagery, similes, and dialogue. He uses these craft moves very well in the story to show emotion, and to paint a picture inside of the reader's head. The first craft move that Ray Bradbury uses that stood out to me was imagery. He uses imagery to show readers to think deeper into the story and to actually make a movie inside of your head. An example from the story is “The hot straw smell of lion grass, the cod green smell of the hidden water hole, the great rusty smell of animals, the smell of dust like red paprika in the hot air and now the sounds; the thump of distant antelope feet on grassy sod, the papery rustling of the vultures” (Bradbury…show more content…
The ones that stood out to me the most are dialogue, imagery , and similes. He uses all of these craft moves to reveal a very imaginative story. Craft moves are used to display more enthusiasm to the reader, and to make the story more breathtaking and suspenseful. The Veldt is a good example of a dystopian story because maybe in the future this will become our life. Machines will take over all of our little daily tasks that we do. The rate at which technology is growing and developing, and how more and more people are getting sucked into the internet and their phones or other devices, I wouldn’t be surprised if what happens in the fake reality of The Veldt would actually become a reality for all of
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