Ray Kroc Film Analysis

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Summary of the Film The Founder is a drama based on the true story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) who was a mediocre salesman from Illinois, USA. Ray Kroc basically stole MacDonald’s Hamburgers from two brothers, Mac Macdonald (John Carroll Lynch) and Dick MacDonald (Nick Offerman), who were the original founders of the brand, which was inevitably turned into a multi-million-dollar business. For many years Ray Kroc had been a struggling, travelling salesman, selling milkshake machines, but his life changed when he met the Mac Donald brothers who at the time were running a very successful, innovative fast food hamburger restaurant. The film is set in the 1950’s and takes place in various parts of America, but it is primarily based in San Bernardino, where the Mac Donald brothers were based, and Illinois where Ray Kroc was based. The film show that Kroc was a quick thinking, quick talking, ambitious and strategic businessman who was able to talk the Mac Donald brothers into letting him become a small partner of their Mac Donald’s restaurant, and that he would focus on getting franchises up and running whilst keeping up the excellent standards set by the Mac Donald’s brothers. The Mac Donald brothers’ reluctance was obvious in the way that they held off Ray’s suggestions to further improve and expand, for a long time and the way they set up a very restrictive contract to allow them to retain tight control of their precious business. Kroc in his eagerness doesn’t really

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