Ray Kroc Movie Analysis

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The Founder

Lead Actors: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, Laura Dern, John Lynch and Linda Cardellini

Directed by: John Lee Hancock


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In brief this movie is about Ray Kroc (a traveling salesman) selling milkshake mixers in an effort to support his wife Ethel. While attempting
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Conflict is caused due to various reasons, and these all include, a change in leadership, previously unresolved issues and also If there are limited resources. All of these aspects played a huge role in the fall of Maurice and Richards time in the business. Kroc had started believing that he was the boss and owner of the business because of the change in leadership. He thought and felt that he had complete control when in reality he actually didn’t. When Ray had discovered that the instant milkshake could increase their profits he had immediately started treating the founding brothers like fellow employees. Although the instant milkshake was not agreed on by the brothers, Ray had still gone behind their backs and distributed them to the fellow franchises. The Brothers had let him be and in time they had realized that he could take power way too late. There was also some internal conflict that was evident because Richard had the type of personality to work hard and fast within the business, this lead to him coming up with most innovative ideas which had led to Maurice being submissive. They could’ve dealt with the internal conflict in an effective manner, where the brothers could’ve pushed other members including themselves to work harder and strive to come up with innovative ideas. This situation was however not dealt with in a professional…show more content…
He had felt the decision to take McDonalds was a great choice, he did although insure they had a sustainable and successful future. But his actions were ethically incorrect because he had “stolen” it. He took a brand that wasn’t profited off others ideas. The brothers could’ve insured a good conduct was set in place to ensure the behavior of the employees was manageable. Normally there are consequences for actions and the higher party would decide that, but in this case it didn’t seem so and the only party that suffered was the brothers. Ethics should’ve been set in place by the brothers to insure things ran smoothly and goals were reached. This would have insured that the Brothers time in the business didn’t end, but they struggled to realize this on time.


In this movie Kroc shows a huge potential in leadership. He demonstrates actions of an entrepreneur and a leader. He in this movie had seen an opportunity and had taken it. Leaders and successful entrepreneurs are risk takers; it is one of the biggest aspects in becoming one.
He although had not shown strong aspects in managing conflict. He had let many problems rise and occur and had done nothing about it. Conflict management is all about identifying a problem and finding a solution to deal with it.
He had ethics and goals that he had set in place and he stuck

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