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Football Life

Imagine being able to do the career you’ve always wanted to do.I want to be a football player as my career.You should learn the skills involved with your position. A coach has a scheme that you have to train at that position(E1).Understand what exactly you are asked to do to help the team succeed.You have to learn the plays and what you do during that play(E2).You must adhere to protocals and policies set forth by the organization.Follow all rules and respsect them (E3).Football is a sport where you have to listen to rules and follow them while training for your coach’s scheme.

What football means to me is to work hard for a job in working on your body skills to entertain others.Football means to vision what your
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In his sophomore season at The University of Miami, lewis earned first-team All-American. In his 2nd year of college Ray Lewis was honored for his work to a special after the season for great players(E1). Ray lewis compiled 81 tackles, 2 sacks, two tackles for a loss,& 4 pass deflections en route to being named to the freshman All-American team.Ray lewis took certain people down 81 times,took down the Quarterback 2 times, out of those 81 tackles 2 of them were tackled behind where the ball was originally placed, and blocked the ball from being thrown 4 times(E2). Ray Lewis was selected to 13 Pro Bowls and won the defensive player of the year 2 times.He was picked to play in a big game mixed with players from other teams(E3). Ray lewis is a hall of famer and has helped his team tremendously to…show more content…
I can prepare for the NFL by working on my skills. Right now I can lift some weights. I can lift big weights to get bigger and ready for the NFL(E1). I can go to training camps to work on my position. I can go to football camps during the summer to work on my running back and linebacker position(E2).I can also make tapes so colleges can see me. I can make highlight tapes throughout my high school and college years(E3). Don 't get too high on your highs and don 't get to low on your lows, just be prepared to work your best.

It has been found that youth with positive role models have greater self-esteem. I can give back to my community by being a partner in the play 60 campaign. I can set up free camps and talk to kids about their dream(E1). I can talk to kids about how I made it to the NFL. I can talk about the steps and what I did to make it to the NFL(E2). Go to colleges and talk about how I stayed out of danger. Like by not going to places where I 'm not supposed to, so I don 't get into any trouble(E3). When you work hard it will truly show and,no dream can be accomplished without you working
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