Raya Tak Jay Movie Analysis

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In the movie ‘Raya Tak Jadi’, there are two important issue that we would like to bring up, which is Religious and Culture. The first issue that we would like to bring up is fasting. In the movie, it is portrayed as during the month of Ramadhan. In Islam, fasting for a month is a required work on amid the heavenly month of Ramadan, from sunrise or first light, until the sunset or nightfall which was shown on the first starting scene where both the brothers woke up just before the sun rises and fastly grab something to eat before it is too late. During fasting, people are prohibited from drinking and eating and also they are encouraged to control their temper and any negative doings during the holy month as you can see in the film where both the brothers control themselves throughout the fasting month. Muslims trust that fasting is more than refraining from nourishment and beverage. Fasting additionally incorporates avoiding any misrepresentation in discourse and activity, going without any uninformed and profane discourse, and from belligerence, battling, and having salacious considerations. In this manner, fasting reinforces control…show more content…
It is because kurma is a natural candy because it is sweet by itself and it is full of nutrients. The reason they eat dates is because during the time of Ramadan, when fasting keeps going from sunrise to sunset, the body can create loses nutrients and thus creates slight health problems,for example, headaches and low glucose. To stay away from such issues, people would eat dates after fasting. Dates are a brilliant wellspring of fiber, sugar, magnesium, potassium, and have starches which will help the body in looking after wellbeing. The starches found in dates additionally make the natural product a slower processing nourishment, vastly improved than fricasseed or greasy sustenances which process fast and abandon ones

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