Personal Narrative-Rayln Acasta

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Rayln Acasta was a normal 14 year old teenager from Inglewood. Everyone called her Ray. She didn’t have very many friends. Ray was a very responsible student. She was quiet at times. People would tell her all the time that she needed to talk more. Whenever someone would tell her that, she would say that she doesn’t talk a lot because she has nothing to say. Ray just wanted to be perfect. She didn’t want to disappoint anyone. She always wished she was a leader who was brave, independent, confident and strong just like the girls in action movies.
School was over and Ray was waiting outside of school for her mom to pick her up. Ray saw her mom pull up. Ray’s mom then started talking to one of her classmates and her classmate’s mom. When Ray got
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She stopped at a café to get something to drink. The café was called magical dream café. The sign were the café’s name was on, was blue and glowing. It looked magical. The café was very tiny and had no people. It smelled like coffee of course. They had coffee, teas, fancy desserts and healthy salads. When Ray walked in she got a weird but magical vibe. All the drinks had odd names so she didn’t know what order. Ray asked the cashier what she recommended her to get. The cashier looked really sweet. She had a beautiful smile that never went away. Although her smile was beautiful it was also kind of creepy. The cashier recommended their newest drink called aqua faze.
Ray got her drink and headed to the beach. At the beach she drank her drink. The drink was a very nice aqua blue and tasted like a very strong coffee. After finishing the drink she laid down in the cold sand. Ray tried to relax by clearing her mind, looking at the stars, and listening to the waves crash. That didn’t work though because she couldn’t clear her mind. She just kept wishing that she was
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She couldn’t remember anything after seeing the sky turn aqua blue. The ding sound she kept hearing was her phone. Everyone was texting her asking if she was okay and asking where she had gone. She texted them back saying that she was fine and just needed some time alone. Little did Ray know that she had gotten everything she had wished for. Ray had new traits. She was a leader who was brave, independent, outgoing, confident and strong. Most importantly she was perfect.
Ray went back to her Aunt Stella’s house. Everyone was glad to see her. Ray went up to her Aunt Stella. She told her, “I don’t really appreciate what you said to me earlier.” Ray also said, “I am going to be fine in life even if I don’t talk much. I only talk when I need to or have something to say but that doesn’t stop me from being successful.” Her Aunt Stella’s then told her that she apologized for offending her. Ray was very proud of herself for standing up for herself.
Her whole entire family slept over her Aunt Stella’s house. It was the next day and Ray was looking at herself in the mirror. She noticed that she had a necklace on. She also noticed that it had the cafes logo on it. She didn’t remember buying a necklace like that. Ray thought
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