Nighthawks And Cathedral Comparison Essay

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Raymond Carver and Edward Hopper, Two amazing people. Carver with his short story “ Cathedral” and Hopper with his illustration Nighthawks.Both show qualities of Minimalism and realism, the characters in each are similar to each other. By comparing a short story and a painting, qualities from both will be shown and help readers and spectators view things in different ways. Both Carver’s short story “ Cathedral” and Hopper’s Painting, Nighthawks display characteristics and values of minimalism. Neither provide the reader or spectator with a proper detailed description of what is happening or how things led up to the event that is happening. “ Cathedral” vaguely describes the background information on how the
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Alcohol plays a big factor in each. In the “Cathedral”, the narrator poured “ three glasses of Scotch with a splash of water in each”(217). Throughout the story they drunk a lot of alcohol, it seemed to be the center piece that everything revolved around. In the painting by Hopper, the man and the women are both drinking, the man next to them is also drinking. The bartender is giving them the alcohol , which means he is the center piece that they are revolving around. A man and a women and another man are both present in the “ cathedral” and NIghthawks as well as alcohol. Most likely a couple has an interference which is the other man in the painting and robert in the story. The bartender represents the alcohol in the painting and in the story the drink scotch alot. It 's almost as if they need it to keep them functioning. Outward appearances are how both would be viewed. The painting shows the people inside and the spectator outside of the bar. In the story the narrator is experiencing and viewing his wife and roberts relationship from and outward appearance because he really has no knowledge of it. It seems almost as if he was in the wind the whole time she took care of robert. Then one day he just shows up to his house and he is almost forced to interact with him. He doesn 't know anything about him let alone roberts relationship with his wife. He is totally on the outer part of things trying to view into
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