We Are Not Your Husband Analysis

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We have in recent times started to go more into how we look. Many are nervous about exercising too little or eat too much. We are thinking too much about, how other people think we look like, but also that we are too impressionable terms when others talk about our weight or size. It's exactly what Raymond Carvers short story, They're Are Not Your Husband is about. The story is about a couple. The man, Earl had suddenly become dissatisfied with Doreen, his wife's body after having overheard a conversation between two men who were talking about Doreen when she was at work, at a coffe shop. When Doreen come home from work, Earl says that he thinks Doreen started to become big and she should lose weight, although he never mentioned it before. Doreen would like to try to lose weight for Earl's sake, but there are no diets that fit her. Therefore, she…show more content…
At the beginning of the story he is very pleased with doreen and her look, but when he heard two men at the coffe shop talking bad about Doreen's body, Earl gets affected and seems suddenly to also think, that doreen well could lose weight. This shows that Earl is easy to influence and is frankly a little mean as he prays doreen to lose weight. The quote below describes Earl, in this situation very well. “I think you’d better consider going on a diet. I mean it, im serious. I think you could stand to lose a few pounds” Earl is also very paranoid, which shows in the text, when Earl visiting the coffe shop several times to hear what others have to say about Doreen's look. From the text, it appears that Earl and doreen does not have a particularly good relationship. Especially not after what Earl said to doreen about that she should lose weight. For an example, when Earl enters the coffe shop, Doreen do not kiss or hug him. She just asks what it should be and treat him as a regular customer. “What do you want?” Doreen said to Earl when she saw him again. “Shouldn't you be
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