Ray Kroc Milkshake Mixer

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An ordinary salesman of prince castle brand milkshake mixers turned his life around after the age of 52 in the 1950s. Raymond Albert Kroc was born at oak park, Illinois on October 5 1902, oak park Illinois was where Croc spent most of his life years. It’s said that during world war 2 he lied about his age and drove Red Cross ambulance at the age of 15, a number that was incorrect since he lied about it. His parents were immigrants that originally belonged from Czech Republic and came to the United States where they made a lot of money in the property business however lost it when the stock market crashed in 1929, one of the years of the Great Depression. In these hard times Ray had different jobs like selling cups and playing as a musician in a band. In his early days of selling milkshake mixers, he wasn’t very successful in selling a lot of mixers however with the support of his wife Ethel, he had lived a simple life in Arlington heights, Illinois, United States. Ray croc used to spend hours trying to sell his mixers to medium and small sized businesses that were in the food business, but he was turned down by many. One day he…show more content…
The brothers proceeded to a $2.7 million clearance, right of possession of their original outlet in San Bernardino, and also a 1 percent yearly royalty, but when the time came to conclude the settlement Ray puts out the 1 percent royalty agreement in a hand shake. Ray says that the true significance of McDonald's is in the title itself, which represents all the qualities of an American name rather than a Slavic sounding name such as Croc or ray. The McDonald brothers were imposed to take their own brand recognition off the original restaurant and Ray opens a new McDonald's franchise across the street from the original restaurant to eventually cut out the McDonald brothers out of the
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