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As a research or dramatic student, I will focus on Raymond Ngomane who is one of the writers in slam poetry. I will share his biography and discuss his work. Furthermore, I will include his style of the poetry and how he recites his poetry. I will view his poetry and analyse it with my understanding. The purpose is to understand the rhythm and the style of how to recite slam poetry. It will help me because I am interested in slam poetry. Slam poetry is more like a rap.

"Raymond Ngomane was born in 1985 in Johannesburg (Gauteng) province"(Mazibuko 2012). He is an actor, poet as well as a comedian. He is a wits university graduate with Bachelor of Dramatic Art. He travelled
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• Much ado about nothing – Directed by Sara Roberts.
On the art festival in Grahanstown his poetry was fetured in Kagafela oa Magogodi 's "Bread".Accouding to Reutes (2011). "Ngomane won a brand house R.T.M.C number one tax driver campaign in Mpumalanga brand house together with the road traffic management corporation and TOYOTA S.A announce this in Soweto at a presentation Gala dinner on Thursday."
Ngomane wants people to be resourceful. The wording that he uses is quick pace upbeat and he repeaedt words like in the line “go go go speaks wickedness speaks volume”. The poem he create image in the line “express picture in scripture graft word fluctuating on range refuse erasers speaks more than paper”. It appeals to your senses where you can actually see it . Raymond Ngomane proposes to see a generation more enthusiastically participating in creating.
The abstract language that Raymond Ngomane uses in his poem volume is expression. Which is a group of words once combined have a meaning that is different from when the words are separate “ va va voom fly out your broom’ is an idiom that mean attractive or exciting people. This is also an alliteration in the poem which speaks volume in resonances the repetition of the beginning consonant in a group of words the line “ sneeze poem squeeze needed shape
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In the second stanza the poet talks about how a Creator came first, before human beings “But she lived far from our time”, yet as much as nature came to assist us, we nevertheless are in a position make our own conclusions and interpretations about nature.
On this part of the poem the independence and power of nature is exemplified, the poet talks about “slept on muddy emotions crowded by revenge”. This to me speaks the changing of the weather and the time we have in the day.
“Fire and blood tears”, Fire can mean the thunder and lightning, tears can mean the providing the rain “donate, ink and paint”. Give your time to human talent and care for nature because nature has the power to decide our “Destiny”, our lives. So the poet says we must work together with nature and not against nature.
When we create chemicals and litter, we pollute the ocean. This is adverse towards nature. ”Gear Geared to drive her crazy” the gears open our actions towards nature. The poet feels that we are not doing a good job in taking care of nature. “Who is she” this is a rhetorical question and the writer is emphasising the powerful Mother

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