Raymond Whitney Ewell Research Paper

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Both sources provided basic details about former State Representative Raymond W. Ewell. However, I found the first source, History Makers to be undoubtedly creditable. This source included an exclusive glimpse into the life of the senator. The History Maker, website provides researchers with pertinent facts about Mr. Ewell life. Also, the information provided seem to have been solicited directly from Representative Ewell in the form of a one on one interview. When the information is received directly from the source it’s easy to verify.
The second source Political Empowerment of Illinois African American State Lawmakers from 1877 to 2005 would be considered reliable. However, this source provided limited details. This would require further research to locate additional sources. So that you can gather more information regarding the background of …show more content…

This decision requires determination and courage. One individual that embodies these qualities is former Illinois State Representative Raymond Whitney Ewell. Born in Chicago, Illinois on December 29, 1928. State Representative Ewell excelled academically and after high school graduation he attended University of Illinois where he achieved a Bachelor and Master’s degree in History. In 1954 he received his law degree from the prestigious University of Chicago Law School. Which was a rare major accomplishment for African American’s during that era. However, he didnn’t allow the social climate of the volatile 1950’s prevent him from joining the United State Army. “Over the years, Mr. Ewell has been involved in many organizations, including the YMCA, the NAACP, and the Chicago Conference to “Fulfill These Rights” (Williams,30) Also, he organized the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus. “ Representative Ewell championed legislation that advanced the plight of the African Americans, such as equal employment and fair housing.” (Williams,

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