Character Analysis: Raymond's Run

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Raymond’s Run The world can be a scary place, and it is natural for people to want to protect ourselves and the people we love. But when you build walls around yourself and others you not only protect yourself—you close out the world. In “Raymond’s Run,” by Toni Cade Bambara, the protagonist, a tough funny girl named Squeaky, learns that being too protective can hurt you and those you love, and that only by being vulnerable can you really live life. The theme of the story is to treat people as you would treat yourself. The theme is the “golden rule” because of the characters Raymond, Mary Loiuse, and Squeaky herself.
At the start of “Raymond’s Run,” we see just how protective Squeaky is as a protagonist. She is tough. She will fight you if
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As she ran the race, she noticed Raymond running right there with her, and Gretchen too, and something loosens in her. She realizes that maybe she could train Raymond, and that she might like this even better than running herself. She even notices Gretchen, and is able to say how fast she is, and for a moment, Squeaky is even okay with the idea of Gretchen beating her in the race. In this moment, Squeaky opens up—just a little. She becomes a little bit vulnerable. And then, she shares a real smile with Gretchen. She says, “We stand there with this big smile of respect between us.” As the story ends, Squeaky learns that by opening yourself up and becoming a little vulnerable, you have the chance at making friends and getting respect—which is what she really wanted anyway.

In “Raymond’s Run,” we watch as Squeaky learns to open up and care more for others as if they were her. The theme is “ The Golden Rule” because of the characters Raymond, Mary Loiuse, and Squeaky herself. This story teaches us that even a little crack in the wall will do—that a simple smile, or a change in thinking could have big results. We can all learn from Squeaky, even if we are not pushing everyone away all of the time. We can all learn to take a risk in our lives and to open up to others a little bit more. Only then will we see the true smiles all around
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