Raymond's Run And Ashes Short Story

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Compare /Contrast Essay
Name: Aanya Bedi

In life, everyone has their struggles. Small , or big , every single person on this planet has a struggle. In the stories “Raymond’s Run” and “Ashes”, the main characters have struggles. In “Raymond’s Run”, a fictional short-story, the main character, Squeaky, has a struggle with her special needs brother . In the story, “Ashes”, the main character, Ashes -“Ashes “-, has a struggle with deciding whether or not to help her father “ borrow “ $ 200. As different as these stories are, they share a common theme. In “Raymond’s Run” and “ Ashes”, the authors teach us that everyone has their struggles, but how we deal with them matters most.

Everyone in life has their struggles . In the story, “Raymond’s Run” , the author shows us that everyone has their struggles - but it’s not the fact that we have struggles , but how we deal with it matters . Squeaky has multiple struggles with having a special needs brother . For one thing , she struggles with the fact that people tease her brother . In a conversation with Mary-Louise and Rose and Gretchen - Mary Louise asks Raymond what grade he was in . Keep in mind that the we don’t know if the girls mean it in a nice way or a mean way. Squeaky , thinking it was meant in a mean way - , insulted Mary Louise . When Rose commented , Squeaky responded , once again , harshly . She called Rose “Fatso” . She also struggles with watching him . As Squeak says , “all she has to do in life is to mind her

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