Raymond's Run Literary Analysis

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Compare /Contrast Essay
Name: Aanya Bedi

In life, everyone has their struggles. Small , or big , every single person on this planet has a struggle. In the stories “Raymond’s Run” and “Ashes”, the main characters have struggles. In “Raymond’s Run”, a fictional short-story, the main character, Squeaky, has a struggle with her special needs brother . In the story, “Ashes”, the main character, Ashes -“Ashes “-, has a struggle with deciding whether or not to help her father “ borrow “ $ 200. As different as these stories are, they share a common theme. In “Raymond’s Run” and “ Ashes”, the authors teach us that everyone has their struggles, but how we deal with them matters most.

Everyone in life has their struggles . In the story, “Raymond’s Run” , the author shows us that everyone has their struggles - but it’s not the fact that we have struggles , but how we deal with it matters .
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“Raymond’s Run” teaches us how we can turn the tables on a struggle , and look at it from a brighter , lighter perspective. Squeaky changes the way she sees Raymond . Raymond goes from being somebody Squeaky has to “mind” , to being her champion. To solve her struggle , Squeaky had to turn the tables on this struggle , and look at it from a new perspective. “Ashes” shows us that some struggles require your heart , instead of your head . Does Ashley give the money to her father , the one who borrowed money from a GANGSTER - or does she do what is right ? I would like to believe she didn’t give her father the money , and listened to her heart , but we don’t know that . In order to solve this struggle , Ashley must decide on what SHE feels is right - not what her brain feels . These stories made me believe that it’s not the fact that you have struggles that matters , but how you deal with them . Even children have struggles . Even though both of these stories teach the same lesson, they teach it
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