Raymond's Run By Squeaky Analysis

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If you just sit around waiting for good things to come to you, do you think that you’ll succeed in life? I highly doubt it. If you don’t work hard for what you want in life then you’ll never get anywhere, and you’ll, likely, not amount to much. To be happy, you need to work hard for what you want in life. There are countless benefits to working hard.
In the story ‘Raymond’s Run,’ the protagonist, Squeaky, benefits greatly from her hard work. One example of Squeaky’s hard work is her dedication for running. She practices running as often as possible and does breathing exercises in order to stay in shape and ready herself for races. In addition to running, she also stretches many times a day and challenges her father, a very fast runner,
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First of all, Jackie was determined at a young age to become a great athlete. Even though her parents pressured her to take dance lessons instead, she persisted that she run. At first, Jackie was an awful runner, but that didn’t keep her from doing it anyways. She impelled herself to keep trying until she succeeded. In addition to her determination, Jackie also worked hard to overcome her asthma. She wasn’t aware of her condition for quite a while, but when she was diagnosed, she had to make great compromises. On smoggy days, rather than working out outside, she had to train inside. She even had to make considerable changes to her workout routines. Due to Jackie’s hard work, She was able to overcome her asthma and even went on to become an Olympic Gold Medalist. Today, there are many people that look up to her as a role model. Jackie’s hard work and determination are what led her to where she is…show more content…
For instance, I have worked hard to take care of my siblings and keep them in a stable environment. In order to do this I had to help educate them early on and watch over them when they had no one else. I found ways to get food boxes from local homeless shelters and free clothing from churches for them when they were young. I brought them wherever I went so I knew that they were safe and so that they could enjoy life experiences whenever possible. In addition to this, I also worked incredibly hard to catch up in school. After dropping out of high school, during my junior year, I fell very far behind. In order to get back on track I left my siblings with trusted family members and moved up to Alaska to stay with my father. In Alaska I enrolled back in school the following year and tried to catch up, to no avail. I switched schools three times before finally settling into an alternative school. As a result of my hard work and life choices I have caught up to my junior year in little more than two months. My siblings are in stable, healthy environments and I no longer am under such a tremendous amount of stress. I’m on track and even ready to plan for college in the future. Hard work can lead to a multitude of benefits. If you want to get anything out of life, I advise that you start working hard right now. Don’t keep sitting around waiting for free handouts, because in the long-run,
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