Raymond's Run Short Story

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Raymond’s Run and The Scarlet Ibis is two short stories about the main characters dealing with their disable siblings, but even though they have disabled siblings they treat their siblings different. The characters have different motives. In the short story, The Scarlet Ibis the narrator has a little brother name William Armstrong but the narrator gives him the name Doodle. Doodle was born with a big head and red body. The narrator has to take Doodle everywhere and he was mentally carp about about how he is a burden. He would teach his brother how to do things regular things that other boys would so but doodle would batch that up. At the end of the story The narrator was callous towards his little brother, eventually he breaches his promise.…show more content…
On the way she describes how her brother is disabled but she would buffet anybody who would try to talk about her brother. Squeaky and Raymond has made it to the race. While she was racing she notice that her brother could actually be a good runner and was willing to retire and train him. The stories Raymond’s Run and The Scarlet Ibis are similar because both main charades have disabled sibling. They both want to help in a way in Scarlet Ibis was negative whereas Raymond Run was in a positive way. In both stories they seem to be in a bourgeois family. In The Scarlet Ibis the narrator seems to be bias towards Doodle. The narrator seem cant through out the whole
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