Raymond's Run Squeaky Analysis

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‘’Coming of age ‘’ is when a book focuses on a protagonists growth from childhood to adulthood or muchority . In Raymond's Run Squeaky is the protagonist and is telling the book in her point of view , Squeaky is very protective of Raymond which is her older brother who has Down Syndrome which for example if he was 18 , he would have a mental age of 5. It attracts a lot of negative comments and she stands up for her brother and threatens to fight anyone who make comments about him. She also says she would much rather just knock people down and take her chances even though she is built smaller than others. She always protects Raymond from Gretchen and her posse. So therefore she is clearly very protective of her brother. She is called “Squeaky” because her voice is very squeaky. She is a very good runner and claims she is the fastest thing on two feet. She is also called Mercury, who in Roman Mythology, is a messenger god and is known for great speed. Gretchen is a newcomer on the block. When she arrives she pretty much steals Squeaky's friends from her and turns them in to her “posse”. Gretchen is also S queakys main competitor, but she claims she has freckles which makes her slow. Rosie is a member of Gretchen's “posse”. Cynthia Porter is highly disliked by Squeaky which is because she is like a complete opposite and pretends her…show more content…
Gretchen ran nearly as fast a Squeaky and proved that she wasn’t just talking. “And she nods to congratulate me and then she smiles “And I smile. Cause she’s good, no doubt about it” “We stand there with this big smile of respect between us.” Squeaky also realizes while watching Raymond run that winning isn't everything and she has a room full of ribbons, award and medals and Raymond doesn't have any so, she decides to be humble for once and retire as a champion from running and coach Raymond with the help of
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