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The themes of the two stories “Raymond's Run” and “All American Slurp” relate to what each character wants in life because the theme is obstructing them from their desire. The theme of “All American Slurp” is, all cultures are different which makes it harder to fit in. The main character Lin wants to be able to fit in and be a typical American girl. She can’t achieve that because her culture is different which makes it harder to fit in. That is the theme holding her back. In the short story “Raymond’s Run” the theme is, the way you act affects others opinion on you. The main character Squeaky truly wants to just have a companion. She can’t have any friends because the way she acts. She is usually rapacious to people and is obnoxious.
The first reason why Lin’s family can’t be an average American family is that they do everything differently and have a different culture. Lin always wears skirts when every other girl is wearing jeans and shorts. This prevents her from fitting in because she is wearing a skirt and embarrassing herself. The second reason why they aren’t ordinary is the way they eat. Lin’s family is slurping their soup at a very spiffy and fancy restaurant. In China that is a good deed, but in America that is peculiar and disrespectful. They also prepare all their food differently like celery. They peel off the strings
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Some people might think that in “Raymond’s Run” it isn’t Squeaky's fault she acts like this, on the other hand I think it is her fault because she doesn’t need to be like that. In “All American Slurp” I think Lin’s family could try harder to be American, nevertheless other people say they do there best. The theme stills holds back the character from what they want. Squeaky wants friends, and Lin wants to fit in. They have to understand the theme in order to reach their desires, and they haven’t understood it
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