Raynaud's Syndrome Case Studies

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Raynaud’s syndrome Raynaud’s syndrome affects the blood vessels in the hands and/or feet normally. The blood vessels in the affected areas will contract or narrow when the patient is feeling stressed or cold. It has two forms; primary and secondary. The two forms differ in their causes. Raynaud’s syndrome will affect the quality of a patient’s life, but it is not a debilitating or life threatening disease. (Mayo Clinic, “Raynaud’s Disease”)

The primary form of Raynaud’s syndrome is not related to another disease or other health complications and is typically mild enough to where the patient will not seek medical attention. It effects people who live in cold climates and women more than men. The typical age of a primary Raynaud’s syndrome
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Certain other conditions need to be ruled out, like a pinched nerve, before a diagnosis of Raynaud’s syndrome will be made. Once a possible diagnosis for Raynaud’s syndrome has been made the patient’s doctor will perform a test called nail fold capillaroscopy in the office. This test will help distinguish between the primary and secondary form of Raynaud’s syndrome. The doctor will examine the patient’s nail fold, or cuticle, under a microscope. If deformed or enlarged capillaries are present during the capillaroscopy it may indicate another Raynaud’s syndrome associated disease. (Rheumatology.org, "Raynaud 's…show more content…
Two of the procedures most often performed on a Raynaud’s syndrome patient are chemical injections and nerve surgery. The nerve surgery is called a sympathectomy. During this procedure small incisions will be made on the affected area and a doctor or surgeon will remove the little nerves around the small blood vessels. While this treatment is not always successful, it is used to reduce the frequency and severity of a Raynaud’s attack. The other treatment for Raynaud’s syndrome is a chemical injection. The patient’s doctor will inject the affected area with Botox to block the nerves and cause the same results as the nerve surgery. This procedure is normally done in-office and may need to repeated if the patient’s symptoms do not dissipate. (National Institutes of Health, "How Is Raynaud 's

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