Case Study: Razer Nabu Review

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Razer Nabu Review Ever heard of the fitness-notification band? It is a smartwatch and a fitness band rolled into one. This Razer Nabu Review will give you information that will surely make you so excited to have one. Razer, manufacturer of controllers and gaming laptops based in San Diego is not a stranger to wearables. It is an American company that specialized in products marketed for gamers. It always push the boundaries in delivering best experience to its users. Like many other devices, the Nabu also tracks the calories you burned, tracks the steps that you took, but it has something new to offer, a breathe of fresh air as what they say. It has the ability to sync notifications and track fitness metrics at the same time. It has a full…show more content…
It is a digital watch that looks like a retro G shock with a chunky style but it is awesome and cool looking.. It has two screens and a dual battery that allows you to use it longer without charging every night. It is such a relief to know that the battery life of the Nabu is much longer compared to other devices. It is Razer’s entry into smart wearables with the hope to compete with some well known brands in the market. It is an amazing product engineered to provide a good battery life, which is more than enough for such a device. It is pretty cool and it will surely change the way you look on wearables. What’s more exciting about the razer Nabu is its functionality outside the fitness. It is a smartband that understands you for being with you. This watch is divided into two main areas. The top two-thirds is just your traditional watch. You will find the date and the time there, along with the stop watch in case you need it. If you are in a dark place, all you have to do is to press the button and you will get a backlight to help you read the time. The Nanu functions are located at the bottom third of the watch. Here you will see all the notification and the infos that you need. You just have to press the button so you can access the…show more content…
It is a huge watch. It is a watch that is meant for all kind of activities. It is primarily a watch with countdown timer, alarms, world clocks and an illuminated display with a 12 month cell battery. It has a gorgeous monochrome128x32 pixel OLED display that allows you to view your data and notifications such as calendars, appointments, emails, text messages and caller ID. There is a Public Icon Screen and a Private Message Screen. The Public icon screen displays text messages, emails, incoming calls and app updates via notification while the Private Message Screen contains SMS details, other user data and emails. It is true that you can’t install apps like other devices but the fact that this watch outlasts almost it’s rivals will surely comfort you. It is simply because it has two batteries: the replaceable and the rechargeable. The nabu watch can go months without charging. It can keep on going like forever. It is a highly reliable timepiece with a year long battery life. The Nabu watch is smart and Razer diehards will surely love it. This device will surely suit any tough individuals that needs something that can handle some knocks. It is an all seeing, all knowing kind of product. It is named after an ancient god of wisdom which won the Best of CES 2014 Reader’s Choice

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