Re-Enlist In The Revolutionary War

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Hope is a feeling inside you that makes feel like you can do anything. When you have that feeling you set yourself up for success and it makes you want to live life like a fairytale. The war started at Valley Forge, George Washington made an army that he had hoped for. Then the British came and forced war over them. “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” (Paine 153) What Paine is trying to say in this quote is that the better we fight, the more joyous and exciting the win will be. I have decided to re-enlist for three reasons which are: sicknesses, the encouragement of the soldiers, and the congressmen helping the soldiers. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. In 1777, George Washington’s army arrived in Valley Forge. The Revolutionary War ended in 1783 because of the Treaty of Paris.“The 1st two years of the American Revolution hadn’t gone well for the Continental Army.” (Roden 141) “Victory at Trenton and success at Princeton.” ( Roden 141). Around this time, most of George Washington’s army…show more content…
“December-June 1800 to 2500”, “ Death estimate Due to Illness During Encampment.” (Busch 147) The quote shows the soldiers are sick but they need help from doctors. “Illness Estimate During Encampment” (Busch 147), this shows how many soldiers there were before the sickness started. “Estimates of Illness and Deaths at Valley Forge.”(Busch 147) From this statement it shows many people died at Valley Forge and who survived. “Total Soldiers at Valley Forge” (Busch 147), the total soldiers of how many soldiers survived the illness at Valley Forge. This reason is causing me to re-enlist because from these quotes it is saying that George Washington needs more soldiers to fight the war for our country. Helping the sick would do a little to help the situation, but if we choose to stay, then the war we fight, will help us have hope that we will
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