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Blood brothers is a musical written by Willy Russell. The play begins with an introduction to Mrs. Johnstone who describes her experience of a failed marriage and the arrival of numerous children. She bitter-sweetly accepts that her husband has deserted her to cope alone with not one but two children on the way. She works as a housemaid in the home of mr and Mrs.. lyons. While Mrs. Johnstone’s house is always filled with chaotic with constant clamor of childhood gmes and battles, Mrs. lyons often alone as mr lyons is mostly away for business, in a flawless house that somewhat suffers from a cold and sterile atmosphere. Mrs. lyons desperately pressures Mrs. Johnstone into passing one of twins on to her, as mr and Mrs. lyons cannot have a baby of their own. Mrs. Johnstone is hesitant, however, the prospect of opportunities afforded to the baby through being brought up in a privileged social class, convinces her to give away her child so that he can have a good upbringing. Time passes and one of the boys grows up with Mrs. lyons as Edward whereas one of them grows up with Mrs. Johnstone as micheal(mickey for short). The story continues and the boys meet each other in the park for the first time at the age of seven. Despite all of their differences they still become good friends and after discovering the fact that they are both born on the same day, they become blood brothers. Mrs. lyons is against Edward meeting mickey as she believes that this will make her lose Edward

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