Reaction About The Little Prince

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“the little prince” ‘I’ and ‘the little prince’ appear in this book. When ‘I’ was young, ‘I’ wanted to be a painter. But he gave up that dream. Because all people who he met did not understand painting of ‘Boa snake eat an elephant.’ He became a pilot. He was flying Sahara desert, the airplane’s engines failed and he crash-landed it. When he was fixing airplane’s engines, the little prince came his airplane and asked for drawing a sheep. The boy understanded his painting of ‘Boa snake eat an elephant.’ The little prince talked a lot of story. ‘I’ knew that the little prince come from a very far and small planet. One day a rose seed came his planet. The rose was in full bloom. Though the rose was lovely, it irritated greatly and was vain the little prince. Finally he leaves his planet, to escape the rose. During he come to earth, he pass by planet of king who ruled every planet, planet of manager who managed street lamp, planet of high and mighty man, planet of a strong drinker, planet of business man, planet of a geographer. The little prince visited many planets and met many people, whom he questions about life. In the earth he met the fox. The fox told the little prince. “essence is invisible. also it is important to bond by train.” The little prince found the answers to his questions about what is important in life. When he realized his love for the lose. He embraced that he return to his planet to care for the rose. Eventually he returned his planet by biting to
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