Ramayana Short Story Summary

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introduction The purpose of this work is to accomplish the activity task that has been provided in the class. It has been seen that every religion has its own pious and spiritual people who possessed the traits of virtue and spirituality. This work would be presented in the form of the story about the Sanskrit epic Ramayan that is related to Hinduism. Ramayana is about the Rama’s journey and is considered as one of the most ancient stories of India. It is a very popular story and has been told into many languages. Story The story revolves around the main character Rama who belongs to the kingdom of Ayodhya. Due to the plotting of his mother, Kaikeyi he is exiled from the kingdom. In the forest he is accompanied by his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana. King Dashratha, father of Rama dies due to the grief of the exile of his son (The story of Ramayana, n.d.). Ravan captures Sita They met with an evil female demon Surpanakha, who falls in love with Rama and on the refusal of Rama, she complains her brother Ravana, the evil King. Rama’s beloved wife, Sita, who is very…show more content…
It is seen that both Rama and Sita have proved themselves to be loyal with each other as these two get the chance to meet the persons of the opposite gender, but due to the strong relation of husband and wife, Rama rejects the offer of the sister of Ravana. Also it has been seen that the righteous people are helped in the different ways just like when Rama meets with Hanuman when he is worried about his wife, and Hanuman being the devoted monkey helped Rama and they both together give the defeat and kill the evil King. It could also be said, that despite of facing too much difficulties, Rama and Sita managed to return back to their kingdom where they are blessed with two boys and these all things could be the reward for these

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