Film Review: Dead Poet Society

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“Dead Poet Society” is about an inspirational, unconventional English teacher and his students at “the best prep school in America” and how he challenges them to question conventional views by such techniques as standing on their desks. But eventually, the talented teacher was fired from the school, and when the students of him stood on their desks to show their sheer protest about his dismissal with less regard of the conventional teacher teaching in the room by the words,” Oh, captain, my captain.” The whole movie seems to show out a sort of rebellion, but just stand on the pedagogical aspect.
Growth in the young times should be full of joy and happiness, but the cruel reality always unmercifully break their dreams. The school built high walls, no humane warmth, tormented students’ social environment, with all these factors which bring them into endless abyss of suffering, drive them to dawn sun, chilling air, and the pressure on the body of the mountains. But just when Mr Keating, the new English teacher came and gave the
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But his father refused to accept the all, and condemned him severely without any room for negotiation, because Neal’s rebellion, pale and weak forced him to be driven into a corner. The tears of despair flowed out from Neal’s eyes implying that a person without his own dream is even worse than the dead, so he put up the revolver. Shots rang out, and the shadow of death soon besieged both the society and school. The consequence of Keating was almost conspicuous, that is: Leave. When he packed up his luggage and went out of the gate, Todd couldn’t stand it any longer, he has never been so strong. He was the first student stand on the table, and other students quickly resonated to the action. “Thank you for the children, thank you!” The gratified moved eyes of Mr.Keating indicated

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