9/11 Reflection Paper

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"Your research paper needs some work, but 9/11 is an interesting topic." The quote as the event of my high school senior year was still stuck in my head as I look back to what I've got on my research paper about 9/11. If someone would tell me this a long time ago that when writing any essay, there are rules to follow in order to not repeat the same mistakes every time I attempt to make a rough draft. Consequently, It has been difficult for me to avoid grammar, spelling, and sentence structure errors. So, I questioned myself, "What it takes to finally be familiar with those rules?" This experience taught me that writing is not the same as speaking and that requires me to have skills that go along with it. Writing this particular assignment about 9/11 as a topic has taught me what is like to deal with writing a research paper in a college-level, for the first time in my senior year. That was for my high school broadcasting class. However, after I gave my paper to my teacher, Mr. Williams, the next day he told me that it still had a lot of errors in it. One of the main errors was not having a clear thesis up front and that I made a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Some of my friends have turned in their…show more content…
It is not concerning with "no skills necessary" to complete this task, it is relating to the dedication and encouragement I develop with the experience. It's even touching on being able to look at my mistakes, not doing careless mistakes all the time without even noticing it, and knowing what will happen when the first attempt of the rough draft is finished. This event that I’ve ever faced should be no brainer to realize that everyone can make mistakes and learn from it. Even though it is embarrassing to me to get the research paper back from my teacher with a lot of errors, that experience taught me what is like to see the difference between communication and
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