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“AGORA” Agora is a name that was used to identify public assembly places in ancient Greek city-states. This movie title suggests indeed an insightful and comprehensive name of all what the movie was about, an “Agora” library where the knowledge was stocked and spread by-in the context- Hypatia, with profound admiration from her students and listeners. This movie does not only represent the symbolic figure of female scientists, but also raises some deep issues that can still be reflected in today’s world. To start with, the conflictual relationship between religion, science, and superstition, and which effects did it have on both the development of societies in general, and development of science and moralities. This is also a process, by which we can also question the extent to which masculinity was and is still prevailing in our societies, and of course, to which extent does it help us gather a better understanding of science, of the world, and of ourselves. It is hence necessary to precisely analyze the history of science, appreciate those who have made it-despite of their gender-, and to understand how can history help the humanity go forward, by eventually distinguishing the relationship between reason and religion. First of all, it is extremely important to assimilate the fact that behind every scientific theory or achievement,…show more content…
This is indeed one of the most notable achievements of Hypatia that explains her devotion and dedication to her work with no declared interest in marriage and sexual feeling. Hypatia felt passion only for her work and ideas, which she declared quiet directly to her

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