Nonverbal Communication In Walter White's Breaking Bad

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I am choosing to write my mid-term paper on the television series “Breaking Bad”. The reason why is because it is a very intriguing complex show that not only has awesome character development, but alongside that contains many of the terms we have discussed together in class. Breaking Bad mainly centers around Walter White who is a brilliant middle aged family man working as a high school chemistry teacher. He also has a side job at the car wash in which he washes people’s cars. I clearly remember once scene in particular in which Walter used nonverbal communication in the first episode of the series as he was washing a student’s car.
The student that owned the car was so surprised that his chemistry teacher Mr. White was washing his car that he proceeded to take out his phone, and snap a picture of it as told Walter to make sure that he washed/cleaned the rims real good. Hearing those words Walter looked up at the kid with an agitated face without saying a word as he continued to scrub his car furiously. A litter later during the series Walter discovers that he has lung cancer, and decides to hide it from his pregnant wife & son
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Which is that Jesse can either agree to make a ton of money with him by being his helper for a few weeks distributing his few batches of the most purist top notch meth guaranteed to bring in an large abundance of income, or he can decline the offer, and Walter will turn him into the police. Jesse eventually accepts Walter’s proposal, and that’s the start of them embarking on the crazy journey that is ahead of them. As Walter’s meth is making a huge name for itself by becoming the most sought after drug in the industry it is gradually boosting Walters’s self-perception. He feels as though he is finally getting the recognition for his brilliancy that he deserves, and loves the fact that he is the best at what he does which is cooking the purist meth known to

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