Reaction Paper About Candle Making

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Introduction Candles plays an important role in people’s lives. From being a source of light in the early years, to being a home decor today, candles can be considered as one of the greatest inventions of human. Candles come in different sizes, shapes, scents, designs, colors and purpose. Moreover, they are used in different occasions, events and celebrations such as festivals, birthdays, religious activities and many others. All of these characteristics make candle making a great hobby or even a business. Candle making has been a popular hobby today in any parts of the world. It is indeed simple and easy to do. This book is perfect for beginners and for experienced candle makers who want to learn a lot about candle making and new ideas that they can easily do. All the questions in mind about basic candle making will be answered accordingly. Readers will certainly enjoy each page of the book for the knowledge and essential information it brings. This book will be their guide in candle making from the beginning until they decided to try it for themselves in the comfort of their homes. Chapter 1 Brief History of Candle Making History proves that candle making has been around for many purposes. It is known that the primary use of candles in the ancient times was to provide light. Although Ancient Egyptians used torches or rush lights made from reed core dipped in animal fat, they didn’t use wick to be considered as a real candle. They had developed true

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