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"Concussion and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy" Hmm, it took me months to finally decide am going to write on this. Normally, I wouldn't have considered writing about Concussion ever but after I watched the movie "Concussions" by Will Smith, I saw the need to. Even with that, it still took a while for me to come up with this.

Concussion is also called mild Traumatic Brain Injury(mTBI), Minor Head Trauma, and Mild Head Injury(MHI) but whichever one you choose to call it does not really matter. It is a brain injury that leads to the temporal loss of the brain function. It comes with symptoms like mood changes, blurry vision, headache, and maybe symptoms like trouble with thinking and nausea might be inclusive too depends.

A self-made gif to depict the expression "shake violently".
Concussion is from the Latin word "Concutere" which means to shake violently. As concussion is, it is considered the most common and the least serious type of traumatic brain injury in the world. Just as the Latin interpretation which means to shake violently, you can get concussions from anything that makes your head shake quickly, violently back and forth. So, this means a fall, punch or even something you do daily can lead to a concussion. It's just the severity of the concussion that varies as some
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These duo are great and perfect examples. The Cape gannet is a diving bird that collides with the face of the sea with great force and the redhead woodpecker is a bird that pecks the tree for about 12,000 times a day which means it approximately hits its head against a tree for about 12,000 times daily. This bird is capable of absorbing a G-force of 1000 compared to the 60G humans can absorb. This is possible because its tongue extends to the back of the mouth beyond the nostrils, and encircles its skull acting as a safety belt or a shock absorber for its brain- so there's no concussion when they suffer great hits to the

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