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Dumaguete is situated at the southeastern tip of Negros Island, facing the Tañon Strait and the island province of Siquijor. The city is home to the first Protestant and American University in Asia, Silliman University. Its name is derived from the Visayan word “daggit” or to snatch. That’s because of its history of having frequent pirate raids and its ability to captivate visitors by its beauty. Dumaguete is also well-known as “The City of Gentle People.” But it doesn’t stop there, Dumaguete is also “The Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines” and the “University Town”.

Life was simple in Dumaguete city then. The population was enough - not too little, not too many. Life in Dumaguete back then was fed by a constant engagement with the sea and rivers. These bodies of water were said to be
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And the people were not disciplined.

Nature: Lots of healthy trees and plants can be seen anywhere before. Fresh air was present at that time.
These days, there are only several trees can be seen. The air is so polluted due to manufactures, vehicles and a lot more. There are less trees nowadays because trees cutting of trees is now a practice because trees are being used for things we needed today. One example of killing the trees is the kaingin system, this method is burning the trees to clear the area.

Population: Before, there were less people around Dumaguete City. As of 1985, more or less there were only 85,000 people around Dumaguete City. The place was peaceful and quiet. At present, as estimated, there are 150,000 people around Dumaguete City. The city is already crowded and populated.

Water supply: Then, people can drink water from faucets, flowing rivers, underground well, and more because the water is safe to drink.
These days, we can 't drink water at those sources of water because it is very dangerous, it may cause

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