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Lastly, the journey ends at the land of pizza, pasta and the country where the ultimate love story between Romeo and Juliette took place. In the movie Eat Pray Love directed by Ryan Murphy and based on a movie, Liz the protagonist is on a journey of self-discovery and her appetite through an escapade from the United States for a year visiting Rome, India and Bali. Encapsulating a regenerated love relationship of different kinds whether it being self-love, sexual, romantic or for food to balance her desire and restraint just like babbling which by the end of the movie becomes less scattered. The movie purports to examine the woman’s self through her physicality and body language, where Liz uses her indulgence with food to tame her heterosexual…show more content…
Liz also attempts to achieve verisimilitude by acknowledging the existence and gains of feminism, where the movie is concerned it’s the food preparation and consumption put still the prickle in the back of every woman’s head is present which is the individuals choice to remain slender. Slender figures and controlling consumption show knowledge and putting limits whereas fatness symbolizes the lack of control and results in having downward social mobility. It is present in several scenes like where Liz and her new friends are celebrating in a restaurant in the background each ordering a cheesy dish of pasta but in the background there is a woman eating and feeding her dog salad. Also, when Liz and her Swedish friend were eating pizza and used the allusion of “bun in the oven” meaning pregnancy but in this scene it was more of the weight gained by being pregnant. On the other hand, in these scenes Liz exerts power by cooking and eating publicly and still not letting her body ooze out of control, simply enjoying the food and
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