Reaction Paper About Gravity In Space

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Julee Pettis
Ch. 3 Reaction
I learned that:
1. Gravity Surprises: I learned that at an altitude of 100 miles, the force of gravity is less than the Earth’s surface. (pg. 72)
2. The Force of Gravity: I learned that a person weighs less on the moon because the moon does not put as much for on a person. (pg. 73)
3. Push Accelerates-Newton’s Third Law: I learned that when an object puts a force on you, then you give back the same amount of force. (pg. 75)
4. Orbiting the Earth, and Weightlessness: I that an astronaut in space is like being in an elevator when the elevator shaft breaks. (pg. 75)
5. The Velocity for Low-Earth Orbit: I learned that a LEO satellite travels at 5 miles per second. (pg. 77)
6. Analogy with a Rock and Sling: I learned that gravity uses its force to make a satellite travel
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Circular Acceleration: I learned that acceleration means when the velocity changes. (pg. 86)
22. Gravity in Space-According to Science Fiction: I learned that when astronauts are in space they feel the force on their feet. (pg. 87)
23. Black Holes: I did not know that large planets have escape velocities and black holes. (pg. 88)
24. Momentum: I learned how to calculate the conservation of momentum. (pg. 90)
25. Mosquito Impact on a Truck: I learned that a mosquito has a mass of 2.6 milligrams. (pg. 91)
26. Rockets: I learned how to calculate the velocity of a rifle. (pg. 92)
27. Balloons and Astronaut Sneezes: I did not know that when you sneeze your head pushes backward. (pg. 93)
28. Skyhook: I did not know that some people considered the idea of flying an airplane into space. (pg. 94)
29. Ion Rockets: I learned that ions have high velocity due through their electric forces. (pg. 94)
30. Airplanes, Helicopters, and Fans: I learned that airplanes fly by pushing their air downwards. (pg. 95)
31. Hot Air and Helium Balloons: I learned that people first used airplanes was in 1783. (pg. 95)
32. Floating on Water: I learned that salt water is denser than fresh water. (pg.

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