Reaction Paper About Happiness

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What is happiness? This is the burning question that psychologists have been trying to answer since the end of World War II. Happiness differs in each person. Some may be happy for smaller events or achievements than others would. Maybe celebrating a good grade would put someone in the happiest state he or she have ever been in, but for another person it might give them a spur of happiness that he or she quickly loses. Either way, most strive for a constant state of happiness, but “experience the wrong types of happiness, and go about trying to find happiness in the wrong ways and at the wrong time” (David, PhD). While happiness may be a key to living a long, healthy life, people are not supposed to feel happy 100% of the time. Other emotions that are deemed as negative, like sadness and anger, are beneficial and are of as much importance as happiness. While being happy is an amazing state, experiencing other emotions are just as important. The unpleasant states of sadness, fear, anger, etc. can greatly contribute to one’s cognitive process. Negative feelings help someone rely less on jumping to conclusions and judging, and rather encourage acceptance and observation. Happy people are more gullible than those who have negative moods, and tend to be easy going and accept things rather than ask questions, which in situations may not be the best response or have the best results and consequences. Overly happy people are quick to make poor decisions and not think them through,
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