Reaction Paper About Human Evolution

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Base on the movie I discovered many factual things about human’s origin. In the content Africa, where the search for man origin began. For more than five million years life is around. Imprints found more than three and a half million years ago. Scientist believes that human evolve from primates like apes. More than 100 million years dinosaurs ruled the planet earth, but a strong steroid struck the earth. The earth seems to be life less after that because only small plants, insects and animals were able survive and repopulate. Modern primates may have evolve like the purgatorius. The time after dinosaurs the earth regain life force, rainforests serves as the primates habitat. There are a lot of foods and predators eat. Diversity of primates…show more content…
Human beings evolve from apes is a common knowledge today, but it was a pure scandal during the 19th century. When Charles Darwin published the Origin of Species, it outlines why plants and animals have so many diverse and similar species. The theory of Natural Selection is based on survival of the fittest. There was an imaginary creature created to bridge the gap from apes and humans. In Java, Indonesia there are fossils found, java man also known as homo erectus; and Peeking man were found in China. The shape skull and teeth of peeking man and java man are closer to humans than ancient apes. In East Africa’s great reef valley, have richest fossil record. During 1974, a partial skeleton of Lucy, a Australopithecus was found. She is 3 million years old with a small brain like chimpanzee, and she walks with two legs. The shape of her pelvis is more human like than ape like. Here hips are also wide. Walking in two legs is the first thing in human evolution, and not the enlargement of brain. Chimpanzee most human ape, which shares 97% of human DNA. Chimpanzees are being studied in their motion, flexing, rotating and action. The tilting of pelvis of chimpanzees and humans are

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