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Manto can be described as an enormous, entrancing and magnificent piece of art. Sarmad Khoosat and Shahid Nadeem have fought Manto’s case with complete honesty. I think those who were not expecting this movie to be this deep were certainly mesmerized after watching it. Many people were not expecting a film based on a writer’s life and work to be like any other movies but after watching the movie, I was truly impressed. Manto’s writings were introduced in a very good way and it was shown as to why he was not like many other people of his time. The movie also provides an insightful glimpse into Manto’s family life. The film has surely made many people (who were not already familiar with the great writer), understand Manto. Sarmad Khoosat played the role of Manto and I think he performed amazingly well. After watching the movie what I understood is that Manto the writer was…show more content…
It is a wonderfully well-written film and has a few excellent performances, a stellar cast, amazing direction and it will reside in your memory even after you leave the cinema hall. After watching the film, you would want to know more about Manto the writer and this actually means that the makers of the film have managed to get what they worked so hard for. With that being said, the film would have been better if it was cut short, especially in the end. Manto’s stay in the hospital could have been chopped off.
Overall Manto is absolutely brilliant; this movie deserves to be watched over and over again. All the songs in the film have been wonderfully sung and composed and have somehow related to the happenings in the film. The songs in the movie are a tribute to some of the most celebrated poets in Urdu literature. The wardrobe, make-up and the direction of the film takes you back to the 1950s and you see the actors you have been watching on screen for such a long time in a very different light. It was nice to see new child stars playing the role of Manto’s

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