The Importance Of Memes In Education

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I created a little story made of “memes” of a college student called John that he was struggling studying and because of that he was getting bad grades, after getting a F on an exam he decided that he was going to try something different so he decided to ask one of his friend the method that he used to study since he was getting a better grade than him. Once he asked his friend he tried that method but that didn’t work for him so he decided to ask his brother since he already graduated college and he recommend him to listen to music while studying, so he went ahead and tried using that method and that was very useful for him after the test he got an A and best thing is that he learned the material and not just memorized the information. I got…show more content…
Other reason is, that the student might find helpful this method to start multitasking. I personally have seen that not a bunch of people is effective when it comes to multitask specially with music. Finally, the last reason why my students are going to get hooked on my public document is that they might find interesting how music or sound helps you concentrate on the topic that you are working on. During I was in high school I tried to study for my history exam and on that time I used to live with my uncles and my cousin that was on her master’s degree recommended me an audio that she used to concentrate, it was called white noise and basically she used that audio to block the noises from the house and I used since that time because it really helps me concentrate and also for other people it might be helpful since they might use tobacco to concentrate and this could replace that helping them by quitting smoking and improving their concentration while

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