Reaction Paper About Nelson Mandela

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Background & Overview

Everyone agrees that today Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest personalities of 21st century. He is the man, who has honoured our civilization with his kindness and noble contributions. Mandela contributed whole his life to the freedom fight in South Africa and his success will never be forgotten.

Nelson Mandela learned the true meaning of freedom, democracy, liberty and human rights when he was doing his bachelor studies. He got really upset when he realized that Africans were treated like slaves and they were suffering by the British people who had occupied Africa since 1652. That is when his fight for freedom and inequality started (Nelson Mandela Foundation).

Nelson Mandela become the first black president in South Africa, which was not his biggest achievement, but stopping inequality between white people and black people was. During his presidency he managed to create democratic country and social harmony.

Nelson Mandela became the symbol of the freedom fighter all around the world. His legacy was to create democracy, protect equality and promote education. Even though he was often discriminated, he never replied racism with racism. Nelson Mandela was and always will be the inspiration for the people who are discriminated and oppressed. He was a symbol of struggle; with perseverance he continued battling against apartheid after being imprisoned for 27 years. A cost of fighting for the cause was that it took up most of his personal life
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